Kevlar braided crane cable with galvanized steel rope enhance cable

High-strength composite material and kevlar braided mesh, and 4 steels wires are added to enhance the tensile strength of the cable. It’s wear resistance and tension resistance. It can withstand scraping, dragging and winding in mines, mines, tunnels and other harsh environments.

Tensile cable carries more tensile force through structural design and material. Compared with other tensile strength materials, polyurethane is 33 MPa, nitrile PVC is 22 MPa and rubber is only 8 MPa. Therefore, polyurethane has obvious advantages in choosing tensile strength materials.

Cable Specifications

Reeling Cable Description

It designed specifically for drum reeling application on anything from dockside cranes to automated conveyor systems. Good UV and weather resistance make the cable suitable for exposed outdoor installation. A special good wear resistance, torsion resistance cable with high tensile support elements are also better for long time using.

Suit for high mechanical stress mobile equipment which uses the drum reel, such as crane system, handling equipment, large mobile equipment, electric-excavator, mining equipment and so on.

Technical Date

Overall diameter
Approx weight
Tensile  Load
Current at 30℃
Max. resistance of the Current at 30℃
Voltagedrop per 100m
3*16+2*10 25-301.147 18001051.258/1.98526.42
3*25+2*1027-321.463 2600 135 0.811/1.98521.90 
3*35+2*1631-361.965 3600 168 0.576/1.25819.35 
3*50+2*2536-412.784 5400 206 0.401/0.81116.52 
3*70+2*3542-473.826 7600 255 0.283/0.57614.43 
3*95+2*5048-535.129 10000 318 0.214/0.40113.61 
3*120+2*7054-606.607 12000 385 0.167/0.28312.86 
3*150+2*7057-637.710 15000 452 0.134/0.28312.11 
3*185+2*9564-709.661 19000 510 0.11/0.21411.22 
3*240+2*12071-7712.208 25000 606 0.083/0.16710.10 

Electric Paramter

Standard: VDE0295 CLASS 6  

Min. bending radius: 6-10 x outer diameter 

Temperature:  Fix: -40℃~125℃    Remove: -40℃~120℃

Advantages: Flexible, abrasion resistance, tension resistance, Oil resistance, Flame retardant(optional), UV-Resistance

Voltage Class

Normal Voltage: 450/750V, 600/1000V  Customized

Test Voltage: 3500V-5000V

Cable color Core identification: Brown, blue, black+green/yellow

Sheath: Black, gray, yellow (optional)