3Core NSHTöu Flexible PUR Tinned Copper Middle Voltage Crane Trail cable

Flexible reeling control cables well suited for use in the machinery, plant, robot construction, automation, port, tool making and steel industries and so on.  As a supply and control cable for medium mechanical stresses in fixed or flexible installations and forced movements in dry, moist and wet environments and for indoor or outdoor applications.

Cable Specifications


  • Conductor : Flexible Bare copper class 6 or tinned copper
  • Insulation: PUR/Special Rubber compound/on request
  • Filler: Cotton threads or PVC rope inside with polyester fiber(optional)
  • Shield: Tinned copper braid or on request (optional)
  • Inner Jacket : PUR/Special Rubber compound/on request
  • Outer Jacket: PUR/Special Rubber compound/on request
  • Color: Black, Yellow, Grey, or on request
  • Other Structure Can Be Customized As Your Need

Technical Date

Overall diameter
Approx weight
Tensile  Load
Current at 30℃(A)Max. resistance of
 the Current at 30℃ 
Voltagedrop per 100m 
3*3546-513.158 28001550.57617.86 
3*5050-553.951 4000 175 0.40114.04 
3*7054-594.872 5700 220 0.28312.45 
3*9559-646.051 7700 260 0.21411.13 
3*12063-687.123 9700 320 0.16710.69 
3*15069-758.555 12000 385 0.13410.32 
3*18574-8010.118 15000 430 0.119.46 
3*24079-8512.207 19000 535 0.08338.91 

Electric Parameter

Standard: VDE0295 CLASS 6  

Structure: Copper conductor +insulation + tinned copper braid

Min. bending radius: 8-10 x outer diameter 

Normal Voltage: 450/750V, 600/1000V  Customized

Test Voltage: 3500V-5000V

Temperature:  Fix: -40℃~90℃    Remove: -30℃~90℃

Advantages: Flexible, abrasion resistance, tension resistance, Oil resistance, Flame retardant(optional), UV-Resistance, oil resistance, good chemical resistance, heat resistance and mechanical stress resistance, suit for connection mobile devices in hazardous areas in accordance with DIN VDE.