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Main Produce Reeling Cable (for port crane, lifting equipment, ship unloader, stacker reclaimer, iron ore equipment scraper, rock drilling jumbo, drilling rig and other drum reel devices). Drag chain cable, Waterproof cable, Signal cable, Elevator cable, Fixed installation cable….and so on other customized cable.

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Crane Cable

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Reeling Cable

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Festoon Cable

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Drag Chain Cable

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Elevator Cable

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Waterproofing Cable

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We produce in accordance with international standards

Such as: UL, EN or IEC standars, We also support customized cables according to customer requirements

Each batch we tested strictly to ensure our cable with high quality

All cables will be tested before shippment

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Quality Management System Certificate, ISO9001
CE Certificate
Factory assessment report, by Intertek
Self-owned Factory Assessment Report issued by intertek
CCC Certificate
High flexible

Reeling Cable

Special cable crane product use PUR outer sheath, products more wear-resisting, running winding using uv (resistance to cracking), tensile, prevent aging, flexible bending resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, solves the common winding cable cracking wear-resisting use environment, brittle, aging, and a series of performance problems, service life is generally 3-6 times of cable reel, got good feedback.

Grab Cable

Vertical elevator is widely used in reel drum, port portal crane, grab ship loading (discharging), lifting equipments, container crane, large gantry crane, tower crane control links, and heavy mechanical equipment etc.