Waterproof Neutral Buoyancy Cable with PU Form Jacket

As a new type of waterproof wire and cable, the waterproof performance is more excellent. The submarine zero-buoyancy cable can be cut according to the actual length of the customer and is convenient to use.
* Seawater corrosion resistance, super compressive resistance
* High flexibility, tensile strength, oil resistance, shallow water resistance, excellent weather resistance
* Wear resistance, bending resistance, tear resistance, can withstand heavier mechanical external forces
* Faster acceleration and stronger bending resistance than general flexible cables, and more adaptable

Cable Specifications

Technical Date

Part 3*1.5
ConductorMaterialExtra fine bare copper
Structure  97/0.14±0.004
Stranding OD.1.60 
Min. thickness(mm)0.44 
Outer diameter(mm)2.8±0.1
Color Red,black,white
Shield /
CablingFillingKevlar rope
Type of shielding(wormings)/
Inner JacketMaterialWaterproof Foam PUR
Colour Yellow
Outer diameter(mm)10.0±0.3
Outer JacketMaterialWaterproof PUR
Colour Yellow
Min. thickness(mm)0.75 
Outer diameter(mm)12.0±0.6

Electric Paramter

Electrical performancePhysical Property
Maximum DC resistance of conductor
at 20 ℃ (Ω/KM)
13.3Weight of per meter (kg/m)0.134
Minimum insulation DC resistance
at 70 ℃(MΩ/KM)
0.01Nom OD(mm)12.0 
Rated Voltage (V)600Bending Radius(mm)Flexing:8-10*D;Fixed:5*D
Test Voltage(V/5min)2000Working Temperature(℃)90
Maximum Current Carrying Capacity (A)/Working Force(N)3000

Customized All Kinds Of Waterproofing Cablse As Your Need