Control and Power Reeling Cable

It is suitable for installation under free continuous reciprocating motion without strong stress release or forced guidance, frequent bending in industrial environment, and various electrical installation in dry or humid indoor or outdoor

As power supply with integrated multi-cores for controlling is very suitable for continuous operation under high mechanical stresses and high dynamic application

Cable Specifications

Structure Describtion

Cable Structure 
ConductorMaterialAnnealed copper wires            Annealed copper wires            Annealed copper wires           
Structure 1472/0.4±0.004509/0.25±0.00497/0.14±0.004
Strand OD.
 Thickness (mm)21.2 0.55 
Min. thickness1.60.980.45
OD. (mm)23.8±0.89.6±0.52.7±0.1
ColourBlack 1~3Yellow/Green1-2Yellow 1~12
Shield tinned copper braid//
cablingFliierPP Rope
Type of shielding(wrapping)12*1.5 tinned copper braid shield
Inner JacketMaterial Rubber compound based on NBR
Overall diameter57.7±1.5
Total ShieldShield/
Outer JacketMaterialPUR
Thickness (mm)3.4 
Min. thickness2.79
Overall diameter 64.5±1.5

Voltage Class

Max.DC Resistance of Conductor at 20℃(Ω/km)185mm²:0.106  50mm²:0.386  1.5mm²:13.3

Rated Voltage (kV): 0.6/1KV   Test voltage  (3500V/5min)       

The temperature of enviroment under Flexing instullation: -30℃ ~70℃   

Maximum operating temperature of conductor: 90

The Maximum short-circuit temperature: 200

The Maximum tension(N): 14500N

Cable meter weight:9.1kg/m

Bending radius: fixed:*5D  flexing:*10D