Flexible Multicore Shield Rubber Flat Control Cable with Steel Wires

These special flat cables provide power and control the machines used for lifting and handling and other industrial equipment. LSTKABLE as a professional manufacturer of flexible cables, can offer special designed cables to meet the most severe performance requirements. Our medium and low voltage cables with elastomer or polyurethane designed for reeling applications, and our flat PVC or rubber sheathed cables designed for festoon and gantry equipment are delivered and installed daily throughout the world.

Cable Specifications


  1. Conductor: Flexible Bare copper class 6 or tinned copper
  2. Insulation: PUR/Special Rubber compound/NBR-PVC /on request
  3. Filler: PVC rope inside with polyester fiber(optional)
  4. Shield: Tinned copper braid / aluminum foil/ on request (optional)
  5. Inner sheath: PUR/Special Rubber compound/ NBR-PVC /on request
  6. Reinforce: Kevlar braid/steel wires (optional)
  7. Outer sheath: PUR/Special Rubber compound/ NBR-PVC /on request
  8. Twist: Group twisted
  9. Color: Black, Yellow, Grey, or on request

Technical Date​

Overall diameter
Approx weight
Tensile  Load
Current at 30℃
Max. resistance of
 the Current at 30℃
per 100m
3*16+2*10 62.7*11.51.3992987901.25822.64
3*25+2*1070.2*13.81.912 4337 120 0.81119.46 
3*35+2*1680.4*162.588 5194 155 0.57617.86 
3*50+2*2594.2*18.53.592 6478 175 0.40114.04 
3*70+2*35108.7*20.64.804 11712 220 0.28312.45 
3*95+2*50126*22.76.301 13853 260 0.21411.13 
3*120+2*70139.3*26.98.180 16201 320 0.16710.69 
3*150+2*70147.6*299.522 18039 385 0.13410.32 
3*185+2*95172.5*32.312.261 27197 430 0.119.46 
3*240+2*120187.3*37.315.535 31585 535 0.08338.91 

Electric Parameter

Standard: IEC VDE0295 CLASS 6  

Min. bending radius: 8-10 x outer diameter 

Temperature:  Fixed-40℃~120℃    move: -30℃~90℃

Normal Voltage: 450/750V, 600/1000V 

Test Voltage: 3500V-5000V


Flexible electric cables for cranes and material handling equipment to guarantee resistance to extreme conditions and harsh environments (such as high-speed, abrasion, oil, moisture, extreme low/hot temperature, UV irradiation and ozone).